Amon Amarth – Berserker

by DrMR on May 10, 2019

Date of first release: 03/05/2019
Record Label: Metal Blade Records
Production: Jay Ruston
Author: Nick Alexandrakis

In the beginning of May 2019, Swedish “Vikings” Amon Amarth are ready to raid concert gigs all over the world with new weapons! Of course, we are talking about their latest album “Berserker” which makes Amon Amarth’s legacy even richer.
The music style continues in the well-known path “A. A.” proudly walk several years now: Melodic Death Metal, yet more brutalized than what we usually call MDM, enriched with beautiful riffs all over the album as intros, choruses or bridges, creating a 56-minute impressively ‘’violent’’ atmosphere filled with awe, making the listener going “Berserk’’!
Regarding the lyrical themes, we do not have to do with a brand-new or prototypical concept. The Lyrics are about the warlike side of the Scandinavian mythology, just as every Amon Amarth album, even their first ones, continue making the crowd go nuts, with their peculiar dynamic style.
Amon Amarth gained our trust several years ago with respect to the quality of their albums. Therefore, it is of no surprise to us that this album as well have things to offer to their fans. Listen and get hyped!

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