Forever Still – Breathe in Colours

by DrMR on April 23, 2019

Date of first release: 29/03/2019
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Author: Nick Alexandrakis

In Denmark, metal music is not so popular, as it is in other Scandinavian countries. However, there are several people, young and veterans, who do remarkable work. One of the fresh but already known bands that come to stun us with their notable music material, is “Forever Still”.

The Danish Alt/Gothic rock/metallers, are about to grant us their latest strikingly good work. We are talking for their latest album “Breathe in Colours”.

Three years after the first release of the debut album “Tied Down” the band appears to be more mature when it comes to music composition and definitely better trained with respect to technical skills: Maja Shining, the frontwoman, sings better than before on many levels, backgrounds riffs “couple” the lead melodies more effectively, and generally, the band as a whole has started being viewed as professionals.

Once the album starts playing, with the song “Rewind”, just thirty seconds are enough to excite the listener with its peculiar introduction, where the lead melody is played in a theremin, an electronic musical instrument which produces futuristic/atmospheric sounds through variations of the produced electromagnetic fields. This is a very creative instalment, carried out in a beautiful manner. It is worth mentioning that the theremin, is played from a distance (!), with the musician controlling the aforementioned variations by hand.

The albums source of inspiration are dystopian/post-apocalyptic sceneries, the lyrics often describe feelings that are incorporated with stress as well as basic/primal instincts. The sound itself combines several elements in a notable equilibrium, providing an ideal musical diversity which fits perfectly in the vast genre of Alternative metal.

In conclusion, we have an album that contains: ballads (“Say your Goodbye”, “Is it gone”), nerve-kicking pieces (“Fight”, “Survive”), and several majestic combinations of the above. In other words: a truly good work that meets even the most demanding requirements.

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