Arsis – Visitant

by DrMR on April 23, 2019

Date of first Release: 02/11/2018
Record Label: Agonia Records & Nuclear Blast America
Production: Arsis & Mark Lewis
Mix/Mastering: MRL Studios, Nashville, Tennessee FDSA
Author: Nick Alexandrakis

Shorty before the end of 2018, and while I was not expecting to see innovation from the Melodic Death Metal scene, I heard out of the blue, the latest work of Arsis and realized that there will be a lot of blood in their gigs.

Being influenced by the European/Swedish Melodic death scene in a straightforward manner, this band produces a musical piece of work closely related to the latest style of Kataklysm, with a little less prominent brutality.

Album’s first three songs: “Tricking the Gods”, “Hells Sworn” and “Easy Prey” are more than enough to make you want to listen every single second from the rest of the album, all of them can characterize the album thoroughly from a technical point of view too: blast-beats, fast ass-kicking Bass drumming, and Shreddings until your head gets torn apart from the headbanging. Apart from that, listening to this album can make the devoted listener to imagine great horror sceneries.

As an “epilogue”, we have the track “His Eyes’’ which tends to diverge from the norm of the album since it is closer to the Metalcore genre, as one can hear from the chorus and the bridge before it. However, it maintains, sufficiently well, the listener’s yearning to listen. One can safely say that we have a Melodic Death metal album, equipped with strong technical elements.

So, Arsis: Visitant, a very strong installment in metal. One doesn’t have to listen to the whole album to realize that we deal with profound professionals who love their music. Lastly, I think the musical education of the band offers them a strong advantage and “stability” (studies at Berklee College of Music).

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