AVEM on Metal Revolt : Our main goal is to create songs that connect with people!

by DrMR on April 16, 2019

Avem are releasing their debut album “Meridiem”via “Wormholedeath” and we had the opportunity to talk to this new interesting band and learn more about them!

Hello and thank you for this interview. How are you?

Hi Peter! We are doing great thanks, quite excited about the album release to be perfectly honest.

What are your dreams and goals with “AVEM”? What is the story behind the band’s name? How did you came up with it?

Our main goal for AVEM is to create the best songs we possibly can, songs that connect with people, songs that groove, songs that move you and songs that make you want to move. With our music we explore emotions and moods, which results in songs that can be musically complex yet still very accessible whilst maintaining a consistent emotional core and feel.

As for our name, it was the name of the first song written for the band by our guitarist, with the idea being to contrast the constant internal battle between apathy vs empathy. We ended up ditching the song and taking the name for the band instead. As with so much that happens in this band, the name grew with us and as new members have joined the band it has grown to mean much more than that. We think that while it is nice to have us tell you what it means to us, we find it much more engaging and meaningful for you to discover what it means to you. The more spiritually inclined may lean towards “As Venus Eclipses Mars”, the darker types could go for “All Virgins Enjoy Murder”. We love to ask people for their favourite AVEM acronym and we would be keen to hear some new ones from Metal Revolt fans!

Your debut will be released with the help of “Wormholedeath” label. How do you feel about it?

It is bloody brilliant to be working with them. They are a great label that offer us a lot of support and opportunities that we would otherwise not have access to. They plucked us out of internet obscurity, screened us to make sure we are the real deal, sent us to a different country to record our debut album and now they are working hard to make sure that as many people as possible can hear our music. What more could we want?

How things worked out during the recording process of your debut? How much satisfied are you with the final result?

We recorded the album in Italy at Realsound Studios. Recording went very smoothly and we are ecstatic with how it turned out. The guys in the studio there are complete professionals and knew how to get the best out of us individually and as a band. We are really proud with how the album turned out.

Plus, we got to spend a full month in Italy putting it all down and hanging out!

Can you describe us the lyrical theme of your songs? What inspires your lyrics and music?

This album follows one complete lifecycle. From the joy and wonder of youth to the cold understanding and finality of the end. It includes party songs, dreaming songs, fighting songs, somber songs and twisted songs. There is a lot of personal growth in the album and each song is a step along the way towards understanding the world around oneself. There are continuous themes that we return to throughout the 12 songs and as the album progresses and the seasons change each new section is explored through a different medium.

We also aim for our lyrics to have multiple layers and provide enough ambiguity to allow all our listeners to discover what the music means for them.

The main inspirations for our music and lyrics are experiences from our own lives. Our band members are from all over the world, therefore our lives have been quite different yet we have discovered the threads that tie our experiences together and woven them into our music.

What’s next for your band?

Our main goal for the next few months is to promote this album as much as possible. Be it on the internet or preferably in person on stage. We will be taking every chance we can get to play and tour. We also have some singles that we would like to release and we are working on videos for these songs.

Are there live dates coming?

Sure – our next gig is on the 24th of May in our hometown of Vienna at Szene Wien. We are planning some more summer fun at the moment with more dates to be announced soon.

Thanks for your time! Send a message to our readers!

Thanks for having us. We are incredibly proud of what we have created and really happy to be able to share it with all you lovely people. Have a listen to our album once it comes out and if you like what you hear then please reach out and connect with us!

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