Athanasia (Caleb) : We’ll be out playing in Europe later in the summer!

by DrMR on April 1, 2019

“Athanasia” released their debut “The Order of the Silver Compass” in 15th of March via RoaR records! We had the opportunity to talk to Caleb (ex- Five Finger Death Punch) and learn as much as we can about this unique powerful trio !

• Hello and thank you for this interview. How are you?

Hey Peter! Thanks very much for interviewing me. I’m doing great!

• What is the story behind the band’s name? How did you came up with it?

The story with the name more or less comes from me trying to find something that is memorable and easy for people to search for online. It’s harder than ever to stand out due to there being so very many bands out there and I wanted to make sure we didn’t make it any harder for ourselves than it needs to be. Haha!

• Your band is a trio of very experienced musicians. How do you all met? Is it easy to satisfy and add the “music preferences” of each one to your music?

Brandon and I met about a dozen or so years ago. We both grew up in the same part of L.A. and I ended up producing some material for his band at the time. We stayed in contact over the years and when I decided to start up my own band again he was the first guy I called. I heard Jason play in some of his previous bands and I was immediately impressed with him. I contacted him and sent him the material and he expressed an interest in getting involved right away. We all got together and jammed and immediately knew we had something special.

As far as each of our musical preferences, it helps a lot that we all listen to and like a lot of the same music. We also all have a pretty wide range of tastes and influences so it makes for an interesting blend of styles and sounds…

• You released “The Order of the Silver Compass” on March 15, 2019 via ROAR! How do you feel about it?

All in all very excited! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of interest in the record both from casual music listeners and the press alike. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and it feels great to finally have this record out and available to the public!

• Where was the album recorded ? Are you satisfied with the final result? It must be a blessing to have such experienced musicians in one group.

It definitely is! I recorded the album in L.A. at my own studio “Nightmare Sound”. It took some time to get it all written and recorded, but I’m fairly satisfied with the end result. I think we came pretty close to nailing what I heard in my head before beginning to write and record…

• Any live dates that you can announce?

None that I can comment on just yet until we finalize some details, but it’s looking like we’ll be out playing in Europe later in the summer and fall.

• What’s next for “Athanasia” ?

We’re planning to tour on this record through as many continents and countries as possible and then follow up with our second album “Obelisk” sometime next year. 

• Thank you for your time, our best wishes! Send a message to the readers!

Thanks again for the interview! I’d like to thank everyone reading this for checking out Athanasia and I hope to meet each and every one of you at one of our upcoming gigs! \mXm/

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