Fractal Gates: The Light that Shines

by DrMR on March 22, 2019

Date of first release: 12/05/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Record Label: Rain Without End Records

Mix & Mastering:  Unisound AB

Back in 2007, in France, we have the creation of a band that would turn out to be very important to the Melodic Death Metal scene. We are talking about Fractal Gates, which after two very carefully designed albums, prescribed in a beautiful, peculiar way, they gifted us their 3rd powerful installment: the album “The Light that Shines”, creating a “trilogy” which would be a pity to be ceased.

The style of the album, follows the typical style the Band has adopted in the first place which can be considered a sub-genre of Melodic Dearth on its own. Enriched with progressive elements in an unusual, yet very nice way. Owing to the creativity that characterized its disks, this band occupies a unique position between the rest of the kind, old and new.

In particular, the background music that backs the main riffs, consists of progressive-atmospheric compositions that could easily assist a well-directed Science-fiction movie. Moreover, we have three instrumental pieces specifically characterized by this type of sounds. The lyrics, would also fit perfectly in that kind of scenery. The way which the band has combined growl vocals and ass-kicking death-riffs is impressive. Personally, I found it very difficult to write an article for this album just because even the lightest memory of the lead guitarists’ playing combined with Sebastien’s growl vocals created an urge to headbang that was very difficult to resist.

In conclusion, I have to say that the slightly heterogenous recipe the album is based on, is something I think is missing from the Melodic Death Metal scene. The album’s structure is very good and it quickly makes you want to growl with the frontman giving all that you’ve got!

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