Dimlight : Interview!

by DrMR on March 22, 2019

Dimlight impressed us with their latest “Kingdom Of Horrors” and with the ending in a great trilogy. In our effort to learn more about the band, we managed to make a beautiful conversation … which we present to you!

Hello. Thank you very much for this interview! How are you;


Hello. We we’re very well and we would say we are probably in the most creative stage of the band.


You have released your new “Kingdom of Horrors” album. How do you feel about it?

Just like every time an album is released, emotions are mixed. We are happy an nervous at the same time.  On the one hand we hope that we have done the best we could, but on the other hand, there is this little voice in our head that says that some things should be changed to get even better results. There is no quagmire in it. It is a great trap and if you fall in it,you miss out on all the magic and the feeling of the original composition that is of great value.  We now love it, no magic is lost but we always want something better for ourselves, that’s how we feel.


What do you have in store for us in this new album?


Probably everyone will have a different opinion on this. This is probably why Dimlight can not easily be put under a certain music label. All 3 discs that make up the “kingdom of horror” are more than unique, they are 3 different musical genres.

In a way you can say that we have taken our biggest influences and wrote a record for each one of them.

With the new release, there is an end to a big lore that develops into three total discs.How do you feel that this great story is coming to an end?

When you start writing a story it is natural to see it come to an end at some point. Otherwise you are either a very bad script writer or you do it for your own artistic reasons. So we do not feel much about it. What pleases us and makes us proud is that this story has a very strong finale.

The new album comes with a board game. Tell me about this.  A particularly original idea!

It was an idea we had from the previous album, but due to its many peculiarities we did not manage to implement it. All those people who have been with us through the years will find that we are a band that wants to dare to experience and evolve. We wanted to put the world through the process of stepping in our shoes, of understanding what we think and become a companion of our story’s protagonist.This game is exactly what we dreamt of. One step further in communicating with our fans.

This is no question … I want a video of you playing “SECRETS OF IRKALA KAR”! (haha)

You will have it, then (haha)!

In general, do play games such as DnD or perhaps like writing stories?


Marios is an author, so yes. He has also dealt with DnD in the past. As for the rest of us, I know it’s a little kicker… but we never had a much of a contact with all this.  It was an idea that we came across as we were looking for more ways to bring the world closer to the story of the album. We talked about, it was plausible, so we went for it.


Are there plans for the next concept album? What else to expect from Dimlight?


We still don’t have a clear idea. There’s a lot of things going on in our heads. It is certain that Marios will excel himself again and we have some musical surprises in the making.


Any concerts in the near future?

On March 30, at ladies of metal festival on the Hollyhood live stage. We will be glad to see you there!


Thank you for your time. The last words are yours.


It was a pleasure talking with you! Dear reader, if you are reading this sentence it means you read the whole interview. Thank you very much!


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