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by MetalRevolt on December 21, 2016

I.Hello it’s a big honor for me to have this conversation. How are you?

Zorn:Hello Peter and thank you for having me! I’m actually great! We released our first video, for our first single “The Opposed”, two days ago and so far the response has been overwhelming to say the least!

II.What are your dreams and goals with Zornheym?How everything started?


To constantly evolve and challenge ourselves musically, to really take the whole concept album thinking beyond the stars and be able to spend more times making this in the future. The seed for Zornheym was planted almost 8-9 years ago. I always imagined that I would have needed the support from a major label to pull it off. A few years ago I changed my way of thinking and started looking more for possibilities than obstacles and now we are almost done with the first album and my phone is full of riff ideas for the second one and we know exactly where to go with the concept for the second album as well.


III. Who writes the songs, what are they about?


So far it has been myself composing the riffs and laying out a solid foundation for the orchestral stuff. On the last songs to the album me and Bendler have worked a lot on the vocal patterns and vocal melodies together, and Scucca and I have worked together on arranging choirs and other orchestral things and we have done some lyrics writing together. My pre-production recordings have drum beats as a guide map for Angst. We usually jam on the songs and explore a lot together and then Angst and Sverker Widgren (Owner of Wing Studios) do the final work together in the studio. I really like that it’s becoming a solid creative unite where everyone get to contribute.


IV. What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

It’s different, challenging, and I think you need a new plan for every release since the game seems to be changing a lot faster these days. You can spend your time being mad about it or adapt. Even though I have embraced the new ways, like Spotify etc, I still buy albums in non-digital formats. I still put in an album in my cd player/vinyl player and listen to it from start to finish. It’s getting harder and harder to break through the white noise today and get people interested in your music. I’m pretty sure that we would appeal to anyone willing to check out our music and even more if they gave our thought through concept some attention, it’s really something special, fresh and new!

V. What inspires you to do what you do?


For me, music is a passion, it is something I have to do. That’s why I like the creating process more than the live shows, even though I love that too since then you get to interact with people who have an interest in your music. The whole creating process I guess gives me a purpose and it’s something that’s gonna exist for the rest of my life, something that will last. It wasn’t there before I composed, arranged and recorded it. That’s a huge kick for me! I get inspired by other people’s creations and that can be everything from a good song, a good video game, soundtrack, movie or whatever. When I am in compose mode I rarely have time for anything but music but in the times between I try and devour as many inspirational things as possible to fuel my creative center in my brain.

 VI. How things worked out during the recording process of your singles ? How much satisfied are you with the final result?


We actually recorded our album in two phases. We used the songs from phase one to label shop with. Once the deal was sealed we started working on the second phase. The two singles are both songs from phase 1. “The opposed” was simply chosen because it’s a very memorable and strong song. “A Silent God” was chosen because it tells you a lot of what to expect when it comes to orchestral things from Zornheym. If I am satisfied with the result? I couldn’t be happier with it. Sverker Widgren really gave us the sound that’s right for us. It’s a crystal clear mix where you can hear everything even though each song has around 300 different channels. The choice to go for a lot of authentic sounds, real instruments, has also brought a whole other nerve to the production. I have never felt prouder in my musical career than I did when we were mixing phase 1.


VII. Can you describe us the lyrical theme of your songs? What inspires your lyrics and music?

It is a concept album so everything is very based around that. The big story is that everything takes place at an asylum located in Germany. Each song on the album tells the story of six different inmates that are imprisoned there. The songs are written from different perspectives and giving away different pieces of how they got there or just reflections from a defiled mind. Urban legends, myths, legends, real killers and sick behaviours have influenced the lyrics. The idea of writing a concept album about an asylum has existed in my head since my mid-20’s… The music I guess is influenced a lot from the music I listened to in the ‘90s when I discovered extreme music. Dissection is a huge inspiration because they made such a huge impact on me when I discovered them, but also bands like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and Behemoth, when it comes to more riffing. The orchestral inspiration comes more from classical composers or sound tracks or sometimes we just try and describe a certain feeling or vibe with it.


VIII. Do you prefer touring or recording?  

I prefer the studio, even though I really like touring. I guess I really like the feeling that we create something lasting.

 IX. What’s next for your band?

To round up the recording of phase 2 and start mixing it. We really don’t want to stress things, now that we have been working on it so long and hard. There’s not that much left. I’m hoping that we will meet up in the studio some time after new year’s and the start importing all the files that we recorded elsewhere to the studio computer…

X. Are there live dates coming?

Yeah, we just don’t know when yet. We have some offers pending, but we want to do this right from the start – just like with our music. When the album is done we need to gather in the rehearsal place and figure out that out. Several bookers and agencies have showed interest to.

XI. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Stay on the target and aim for the stars and you might at least reach the treetops. Be polite to and help and support other bands, don’t compete with them. Look for solutions, nothing is impossible.


XII. Thanks for your time! Send a message to our readers!

Thank you for taking the time to read through the whole interview and showing an interest in our band. I really urge you to check out our first video “The Opposed” on youtube and also check out the other single “A Silent God”. Watch out for our debut in 2017 and thanks to everyone who have supported us so far on this journey!






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  • December 22, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Awesome band! In fact some of the best Symphonic Extreme Metal in years! This band has a great promissing future ahead! Great interview!

  • Rui Paulo
    January 26, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    Awesome band there! I am sure the debut album will be impressing in the best way! Great people and outstanding band! Be sure to follow! \m/

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