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Words That Burn – Regret Is For The Dead

by MetalRevolt on December 8, 2016
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Words That Burn – Regret Is For The Dead

December 8, 2016

Release Date: 06/06/2016
Label: WormholeDeath
Reviewed by Peter Balanikas

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Words That Burn come from the “cold” North-East Ireland. Musically they “embark” into alternative “aggressive” melodic metal (does this means something like today’s metalcore?..meh I am not good at labeling bands..) Signed by WormholeDeath, they managed to release their debut album on 6/6/2016.

The band began in 2010 and in 2013 their first EP titled “‘Praey” was released. So that could make you wonder , “What were they doing for 3 years?”…The answer is simple my friend… LIVE SHOWS!! Yes sir, and that’s the right thing to do for a band that is starting its career, in order to gather some experience and new ideas to create good music.

WTB stated that they don’t want to just release another music album but to release something that sounds different to our ears.

Regret Is For The Dead is a “honest” album! Yes gentlemen, honest! I enjoyed myself listening to this album from the start to the last note.

The guitar riffs’s speed alternates depending on the occasion with great success; great riffs and aggresive soloing and…dont forget the breakdowns, just lovely!

On the vocals, the singer, gives us an awesome show as he manages to ace both aggressive screams and the more melodic and clean parts. His vocal range is awesome!

Their “hooks” are so “catchy” that will make you croon them while you shower, by the way if you are wondering that it’s time to visit the psychologist .. this time i think you must do the right choice…!

To sum up, i suggest you to give a chance to WTB and their debut album cause they deserve it.

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  1. Our New Sin
  2. Unalive
  3. Disappear
  4. Chalklines
  5. Hush
  6. Scars
  7. Mirror Perfect Mannequin
  8. In This Moment
  9. The Phoenix
  10. Last Breath


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