VERILUN on Metal Revolt: “Our next plan is to release a new album in 2020”

by drmetal1996 on October 28, 2018

Hi Verilun, welcome to Metal Revolt.
Hi there, I’m György, the bassist and vocalist from Verilun.

Tell us a few things about the band’s history so far.
Verilun has been established in 2010 by me, and I invited Krisztián Varga on guitars and Zoltan Schönberger on drums. There have been some second guitarists too in the band for shorter or longer period of time, but I consider this triplet as the original line-up of Verilun.
In 2011 we have released Verilun’s debut, a 6-tracks EP, called “Blood Moon” (which refers to the name of the band: Verilun is the Hunnic name of planet Mars, and it could be translated as ‘blood moon’), and with this stuff we could signed to Sliptrick Records in 2013. Verilun’s first full-length, “Home For the Dead” was released by this label at the end of 2013.
The years between this release, and the second full-length passed quite silently. The band was active, we made a lot of gigs, released a 1-track EP containing a cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “Where The Wild Roses Grow”, we shot and released an official video to this song too. As well as there have been a lot of line-up changes and personal issues during this period of time, so we could start working on a new stuff only at the end of 2016.

The “Through Fire…in the Sun” was released a few months ago. How do you feel and what’s the feedback so far?
Yes, “Through Fire… in the Sun” was released in May this year, also by Sliptrick Records. I think we made a big progress with this stuff mainly as regards songwriting, and we came out with a quality metal album full of good melodies and powerful riffs. We did not have any specific aim with this album, everything was being formed by following only one rule: we should like it. But according to the feed-back from both fans and media, there are some others, who also like this new album, since all the fan mails, most of the reviews released so far are very positive.

What are the differences from the first album?
There are quite a lot of it. First of all the first full-length is a kind of collection of old ideas coming from Krisztián and me. There are some themes which was more than 10 years old in the time of recording. We spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room by composing these songs together. This is a very simple, not too complicated, quite raw sounding stuff with a limited amount of keyboards in the back.
The new album has been written again by Krisztián and myself, but here most of the musical themes are quite new, they were born while the songs were being composed. They are not so straight-forward anymore, even the guitar riffs are either more complex or more melodic, and on the top we used much more keyboards to support the guitar riffs and make the sound more epic. The new songs were almost completely written either by Krisztián or by me separately, we added to or changed only a few things in each other’s song. We met by-weekly in Krisztián’s room in the house of his parents, and aligned the ideas there.



Are you satisfied with your work and the feedback you get so far?
Yes,basically we are satisfied with it. Of course, you can find always some minor things you would have changed after the finish or release of an album, but it’s always like this, you should live together with these tiny flaws. Actually no one else realizes most of them.
With this album we revealed a lot of musical possibilities, I can already see many ways, how to go on with the next album or even albums, so it will be a surprise even for us how they would sound.
I think we could successfully combine melodies with power and epic atmosphere on the new album, and this is something we’ll follow and improve in the future too.
As I have mentioned the feed-backs are really positive so far despite of the relatively significant new approach we came up with the new album. We’ve received a lot of fan-mails, messages, and the reviews are very positive too (I’m trying to find and read all the reviews on the web, and I’ve read only one condemning review so far, but since I used Google translator to put it into any languages I speak, I’m not sure, if I got everything well.)

What about the line up now? I know that you are searching for members for live shows. Do you have any update?
Yes, your information is correct. Since Zoltán left the band in 2016, Verilun consists of 2 persons: Krisztián and I. We always wanted to have a second guitarist in the band, and in order to be able to perform the new songs like they are on the album, we need it even more. Luckily we already have a nominated guitarist, we start working together with him soon when writing the new album, and we’ll see if he fits the band after it and after some gigs.
On drums the situation is unfortunately worse, although we are continuously looking for it, we could not managed so far find a drummer.
But we do not give it up, we have already made a lot of gigs with Verilun, we could see how strong the songs live are, so it’s a definitive target to complete the line-up and make as many gigs as possible and as soon as possible and play the new songs.


Do you work on new material? When should be expect it?
The positive side of having no drummer thus no gigs is, that we could spend our time by writing new songs. We have already started coming up with new ideas, and the plan is to have a new full-length album released in the year of 2020 when we’ll celebrate the 10th anniversary of Verilun’s existence.

What are your next plans?
There is only one thing planned for the future: the release of the next album in 2020. It’s not irrelevant how many of us do it, but the incomplete line-up does not stop us doing it. If only Krisztián and I do it again, that’s fine too. Nevertheless to make the line-up complete is a kind of plan too, but it’s not essential. If we could manage it, we should make a lot of rehearsals, prepare for live shows and finally make a lot of gigs.

Thank you very much for this interview. The last word is yours.
Thank you for the review in Metal Revolt, and thanks for this interview too. I do hope we’ll meet soon, latest in two years in relation with the next Verilun full-length!

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