Sorrows Path: Interview

by MetalRevolt on September 14, 2017

Sorrows Path’s new album “Touching Infinity” will be out at 22 of September via Iron Shield Records! We had the opportunity to talk to Kostas Salomidis and learn more about the new album and the future goals of the band…Enjoy!

Hello thanks for your time! How are you?

Hello Peter! Nice to meet you again and thank you very much for the honour of this interview! We are doing really fine!

At September 22nd, 2017 you will release ”Touching Infinity“ . Firstly, how do you feel about it?

After this release we feel complete as the circle of 3 full concept albums ended up. We managed to give flesh to our vision. This album is very important for us and we truly believe that this is our best work since now!

Can you describe us the lyrical theme of your new songs? What inspires your lyrics and music?

The main idea of “Touching Infinity” is the acquisition of self-knowledge and freedom that leads to harmony.
In contact with creation, beauty, compassion and respect in a world where destruction, ugliness, hatred and provocation unfortunately prevail.

Our feelings, our beliefs and our whole philosophy about life inspire us very much. Our vision and need to change our inner and outside world for better!

Where was “Touching Infinity” recorded and how long did the album take to produce?

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered with producer Vangelis Yalamas at Greek Fragile studio from summer 2016 to summer 2017.

How things worked out during the recording process? How much satisfied are you with the final result?

Everything went really fine and even better than we had dreamed before the recordings! We decided to stay for a long time in the studio so that we could be totally sure about the final result!

How different will ”Touching Infinity” be from your last album “Doom Philosophy” ?

The new album is just better than all of our previous releases! Better songs, better performance, better production…everything is better! As for the style of the band, we will never betray our roots, so we strongly believe that we will satisfy all of our doom brothers and sisters out there!

Are there any live dates coming?

We haven’t booked any shows yet for two reasons. On April and after supporting Candlemass in Athens, our drummer Fotis Mountouris left the band because he moved to Cyprus for work and we don’t have a permanent drummer since then. On the other hand, we also decided that we will only rarely perform live on our home city and we will just try for a few but really important live performances in Greece and abroad for the coming year!

What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

Things are getting really worse as time passes by. Sales are reduced, most labels, especially the major, are not much interested and exploit the bands and there are not many people buying merchandise or attending some show of a new band. Fortunately for us, we are going very well and we managed to cover our release expenses for the first time on this album! We will fight till the end for what we believe and love, that is to say, for metal music!

What advice would you give to fellow bands?

We don’t know what they hide inside so we are not the ones to advice them. Just know yourself and find your own dreams and never be arrogant because the time to pay is close at hand.

What’s next for Sorrows Path?

Staying healthy is the biggest plan! About musical plans, we hope that we will keep on releasing albums that will totally express ourselves and that they will reach and touch many minds, hearts and souls. We hope to meet them all on the road and give them our gratitude for their support!

Thanks for your time!Send a message to our readers!

Thank you very much for all your time and support! Metal on and don’t forget to care for each other! Let’s touch infinity!

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