Silverbones – Wild Waves

by MetalRevolt on December 5, 2016
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Silverbones – Wild Waves

December 5, 2016

Release Date: June 15, 2016
Label: Stormspell Records

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“O ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo”. Just from the intro, I imagine pirates to prepare for war, to set up the cannons, to clear their weapons, to prepare the gunpowder, to drink the last gulps of their rum and to laugh because they are sure that they will win the battle. The rest of the album confirms me. My imagination isn’t just a picture, but it starts to move like a video. The battle has begun.

I know that you‘ll tell that either I have a great imagination; either the album that I’m listening to is a great pirate album. I guess that you’ll support the first option, but believe me, it’s most the second. But, just because I want to prove that you are wrong and a few words can be enough for my purpose, let’s be occupied with Silverbones and their album, Wild Waves. Speed/heavy album with power metal influences and a lot of…Running Wild!

Don’t you believe me? Just listen to Royal Tyrants. Is it a pirate song or not? Is it great or not? I have to admit that in every song I feel that pirate flags are raised. But this is not just due to the pirate style that the band has borrowed. It’s because of the quality of the songs. This isn’t a copy album, this isn’t something like the other albums, it’s much better.

As every true heavy/speed metal album, this one has fast riffs which make you believe that you are ready for a battle, epic moments for our beloved “oooo” which every metalhead wants to sing, good bass lines so as to remind you the meaning of the bass in heavy metal and of course the classic drumming this style requires, so as to think that the battle has begun.

It’s really shame not to listen to this album, especially the fans of this kind of heavy metal. It’s not a “plastic” album; it’s not an album with modern elements. It’s a pure heavy metal album like the ones in the 80’s, but as I have already mentioned, it’s not a copy. On the contrary, Silverbones handled their influences in a great way and they offer us an excellent album. And do not forget, it’s their debut!




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