Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising

by MetalRevolt on November 11, 2017
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Santa Cruz - Bad Blood Rising

November 11, 2017

Label: M-Theory
Release Date: November 10th

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Santa Cruz is a new heavy/glam metal band from Finland, having three albums so far, with the last been released on November 10th through the M-Theory label, with the name “Bad Blood Rising”.

The “Bad Blood Rising” begins with the most appropriate way, with the “Young Blood Rising” kicking right through your face with its heavy tune. What to say about its amazing pre-chorus and chorus, which stuck on your mind and the awesome break-down before the beautiful solo. Second song is the “River Phoenix” and the band continues the screams infront of your face, proving you that they are here to stay. The melody of this song is just amazing. The third song, “Fire Running Through Our Veins”, is the most rock ‘n’ rolly song of the album, with the most glam metal chorus. Yes, it rules.

It’s time for a power ballad and this role is for the “Drag Me Out Of The Darkness”. Oh God, what a chorus once again and what a voice! Do you like whistles? Then, this is your song. Of course it’s a classic acoustic ballad and the only thing you have to do to enjoy this song is just to relax and…”Breathe”.

After two ballads, it’s time for some glam metal dance. And the “Voice Of The New Generation” is exactly what we need now. Some catchy riffs, some groove, some headbanging and we are ready. No, you won’t sit down, you have to follow the groove of the “Back From The Dead”. Once again, the verse prepares you for a catchy chorus that’s it’s going to stuck in your mind for a while. The same applies to the “Bad Habits Die Hard”, which has a more “pop” chorus, without losing its heaviness.

And it’s time for the most heavy song of the album, the “Pure Fuckin’ Adrenaline”, which has a very aggressive riff. The 10th track is a ballad, once again, which reminds me something of Guns ‘N’ Roses. Very beautiful and relaxing tune, with a very good break in the middle of the track. The last song is the “River Phoeniz (part 2)” and in contrast with the part 1, it’s a slow and calm song that it kinda reminds me a bit of Linkin Park for some reason.

To sum up, I believe that Santa Cruz managed to compose and record a very good hard rock/glam metal album, with a lot of catchy tunes. For sure, their greatest advantage and strong characteristic is their excellent and very beautiful and melodic choruses, that stuck in your mind. Fans of this music, you should definitely listen to this album!


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