No Flame Candle : “People who make music have a strong voice to awake consciousness!”

by MetalRevolt on December 15, 2016

Author: Yuri Bozgo

Hello Panagioti and welcome to Metal Revolt!

Hello Yuri! Thank you for the invitation!

Would you like to introduce the rest of the band to our readers?

Of course. We are: Me on vocals and rhythm guitar, Kostas on lead guitar, Dimitris on the Bass and backing vocals and Haris on the drums.

What are your musical and non-musical influences?

We all listen to many different things from all the history of rock ‘n’ roll and also to other kinds of music. The main influences of the band are from heavy – thrash bands of the 80’s with elements, especially in the lyrics, from the new era of Kreator. I mean from “Violent revolution” till today.

What are the dreams and goals of your band?

Our goal right now is to complete our new album. We want to release it inside 2017. And after that to promote it with live shows in and out of Athens. We don’t have great goals because the truth is that the band is not our No 1 priority. We all know that if you want to do something great playing in a Greek band, the band have to be your No 1 priority.

Who writes the songs in No Flame Candle and what are they about?

The music is written by me and Kostas and some things change during rehearsals. I write the lyrics. The main issues in our songs are social and political. We also have some songs about dark fantasy, mainly vampires.

What’s your opinion on Politics? Do you think an artist should express his opinion on it or concentrate on music?

I ‘ll tell you my personal opinion. I cannot make music without expressing my opinion about politics. Because the social and political issues are a worry that I have in my routine. I think that people who make music have a strong voice to awake consciousness. This does not mean that you cannot concentrate on music.

How do you promote your work?

From the internet and in our live shows.

Describe a No Flame Candle show.

A No Flame Candle show is a simple show with friends in the audience but with a powerful performance from the band, with fun and truth. You will see us on stage as we are in our everyday life.

We see that streaming sites are on the rise. What do you think about downloading and streaming music?

I don’ t have problem with that. I think that metal fans are a little bit romantic so if they really like a record they will buy it to support the band. Personally I have stopped buying records of famous bands, I download them. I buy only records of bands who really need our support.

What do you think of record industry today?

The record industry focuses today on the online platforms where you can pay to download or listen to music. The physical release is not on the level that was some years ago.

Would you give any advice to fellow bands?

To play “from the heart” and if they want to be like the bands that we grew up listening to them, to concentrate fully on the band!

Which do you think are the biggest obstacles and problems for bands in Greece?

In Greece you are not a professional musician if you play in a rock/metal/punk band and no one will help you to fulfill your dreams. You have to do professional work alone, with your own money and with limited time because you have to work somewhere else to cover your daily needs and also to have money to spend for the band.

Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

We have one show on December 18 at Remedy Live Club with Gallows Pole. You should be there to have a beer listening live to heavy/thrash metal.  I think it’s better than going to a club with a DJ. It will be a friendly show as always, because we consider ourselves the same with the audience. We are just 4 guys playing music, nothing more.

Tell us a bit about the band’s history. What does “No Flame Candle” means to you and why you chose that name?

The band started in 2008 as one man project by me. The name was an idea of a friend with whom we were dreaming when we were kids to play in a band together. Now he is not playing music but I kept the name to honor the memories we have together as kids.  In 2009 we started rehearsing without a drummer. Me, Dimitris and our first guitarist , Anagnostis who replaced after our three first live shows from Kostas. In 2010 Morbid George, who plays now with Evil Within, joined the band on the drums and we played many shows with local bands and also did some great support acts with Wotan, Air Raid and Enforcer. After George left the band in 2015, we have Haris on drums who also play in a black metal band called Veinen.

What should we expect next for your band?

Our new album, we want it to be ready at 2017 and live shows to support it.

Thanks for your time Panagiotis! Send a message to our readers!

Thank you too! We wait you all in Remedy Live Club in 18 December to party together!



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