Niviane on Metal Revolt: “We welcome all new friends into our Metal family”

by MetalRevolt on October 5, 2017

Niviane is an American power metal band hailing from Sacramento California formed in the fall of 2014.The band’s core sound was created by melding together their collective influences of classic heavy metal along with modern European metal to produce what has been branded “A new breed of American Power Metal”.

We had the opportunity to interview the band before the release of their debut album! “The Druid King” is out on November 3rd, 2017

Hello and thank you for this interview. How are you?

NORMAN & GARY: We are doing very well. Thank you!

· What is the story behind the band’s name? How did you came up with it?

NORMAN: Our former guitarist Claudeous actually came up with the name. The band thought it sounded cool so here we are.

· What music or other influences first inspired “Niviane“ to get started?

NORMAN: The band was formed with the idea of combining Traditional Metal, NWOBHM & Euro Power Metal to create heavier power metal sound.

· You will release this November your debut album “The Druid King” through Pitch Black Records. How do you feel about it?

GARY: Very strongly. I, personally have heard nothing but positive reviews about it. I love the album and not just because it’s ours, but because I truly enjoy the music. It will make your head move around.

NORMAN: We are very excited to be partnering with Pitch Black Records. They specialize in our brand of metal and we are hopeful that the masses will enjoy the album we have created. Excited to see what kinds of exposure and opportunities with develop with this debut release.

· Where was the album recorded ? Are you satisfied with the final result?

NORMAN: We recorded the album at Alien Productions Studios in Carmichael, California with Jeff “JK” Northrup of King Kobra\XYZ. We are very happy with the albums production and are already looking forward to recording the next one.

· Your music is influenced a lot from epic tales-stories…Can you describe me the concept of the album? What stories do you have to tell us with this release?

NORMAN: We definitely stuck to mythological & historical themes for the majority of the 1st album. There is no overall concept and each track is its own story. For instance “Arise Samurai” is based on the tale of 47 Ronin. “Watch The Banners Fall” is loosely based on the fall of Constantinople. “March of The Jötunn” describes the return of mythical frost giants. “Gladiator” was based of the movie of the same name. I won’t go through every song but you get the idea.

· What’s your favorite book,movie or lore?

NORMAN: I’ve always been partial to Greek Mythology and stories. My favorite movies are Lord of The Rings & Hobbit trilogies. I also love the movie Tombstone.

· Do you prefer touring or recording?

NORMAN: I love to do both but if I had to choose one I prefer recording. I love the creative process from beginning to end.

GARY: I enjoy playing in front of people, but I love to keep it fresh. The Druid King was the first album that I had ever been on so these guys were dealing with a rookie, but the experience was awesome. One of things I love to tell people is that even though this was my first time in the studio and everyone else is a veteran, everyone made it feel so natural for me. I can’t wait to get busy with the recording for album #2!

· What’s next for “Niviane”?

NORMAN: We are planning the shoot for our 1st music video and trying to work out touring opportunities for 2018. We are also finalizing writing for the next album and will be entering the studio soon to begin recording.

· Any live dates that you can announce?

NORMAN: We’ve been concentrating on writing for the next album so we only have a few confirmed local dates scheduled:

Ø 10/12/17 – Sacramento, CA (Blue Lamp)

Ø 10/20/17 – Sunnyvale, CA (Evolution Nightclub)

Ø 12/02/17 – Livermore, CA (Pine St Bar)

· Thank you for your time, our best wishes! Send a message to the readers!

NORMAN & GARY: Niviane welcomes all new friends & fans into our Metal family. Please check us out at and  FaceBook. We hope you enjoy our free single “The Berserker” available at and we look forward to performing live for you all very soon!!

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