Khiral on Metal Revolt: “Currently we’re writing some new material!”

by MetalRevolt on January 18, 2018

Finnish death/thrash metallers Khiral have released their first full length album called ‘Chained’.The foundations of Khiral were built already in 2008, but this stew required some years of slow cooking and a few lineup changes until 2016 when Khiral released their first singles Orphanage and UltravioleNt, followed by several live shows. Year 2017 was a real step forward, as Khiral made their way to Emergenza band competition’s Finnish final, thus being able to introduce themselves to larger audiences, made their first appearance abroad in Germany, and on top of all, recorded their first album Chained. Chained represents the band’s evolution from almost the first songs to this day.

Today we let the band speak and share their dreams and goals with us.

Hello and welcome to Metal Revolt! How are you ?

Matti: Thank you, we’re doing well! The release of our debut album is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

What are your dreams and goals for Khiral ? How everything started?

Matti: It all started with just a few old and new friends having fun, hanging out and playing music, without any specific goals in mind. Joni and Pete (ex-drummer) had known each others since they were teenagers or something, and they had already been playing together in several bands. In 2008 I saw their ad at a musicians’ forum looking for a guitarist. They didn’t specify their style any further, but I guess heavy riffs were mentioned, because I got immediately interested. They had Mari as their lead singer, having a more or less melodic style. I wrote the first song on (or under, depends how you think) a vocal track she had recorded. I guess that song ended up to be somewhere close to Alice in Chains, but with some hardcore and metal elements. I’ve always liked to experiment, mixing together different styles. Pete however had already quite a history playing drums in death metal bands, and I think it was his playing style that started to bring more strict metal elements to it. And Joni being an old school death metal fan didn’t help the fact that we were becoming more like a metal band. It took some years to really find a style of our own and the right crew to play it, but we’re lucky to be here today.

Tuomo: There are plenty of goals, and even more dreams, of course. But the aim for the moment right now is to take this carriage of ours as far and to as many people as we can.

Matti: And of course to have fun while doing so!

You released your first full length “Chained ” how do you feel about that?

Matti: Obviously this is one of those concrete milestones after which a band really exists. If you only play gigs, you’ll get easily forgotten and your music only exists for one live show at a time. Well, of course there are always some crappy quality live videos of you on the internet, but those won’t stay there forever. So this was a huge thing for us, after all those quiet years.

In your music we can listen to thrash and death metal music and enjoy also some great breakdowns! How you combine all this elements?

Matti: I really don’t know what those elements are. Never been a genre nerd. We’ve been calling it death/thrash, because those were the first words that came to our minds, and we didn’t want to spend too much energy on categorizing ourselves. In Finland you can’t just call it “metal”, because people are wondering whether your vocalist is doing the falsetto or the growl, and if there are less or more bpms than the band’s average IQ. But when it comes to breakdowns, having grown up in Lappeenranta, that still has a lively hardcore punk scene, has really affected my playing style, as I tend to use the guitar as one kind of a percussion instrument too. This year will show how this current lineup really sounds like, after the first songs have been made together. Jouni has been introducing a lot more melodic approach, and Markus is such a machine when it comes to straightforward thrash metal beats.

How things worked out during the recording process? How much satisfied are you with the final result?

Matti: Everything went better than expected, and we are really happy with the result! There was some improvising, as we noticed in the studio that some live arrangements didn’t just work out when recorded, and some last moment decorations were done that we came up with in the studio. We actually recorded the vocals right after the drums, and the guitar tracks were recorded last, which is not the most conventional order in this kind of music.

Can you describe us the lyrical theme of your new songs? What inspired your lyrics and music?

Tuomo: Well, now… One could really make this answer to resemble a novel, but let’s try and keep it short. Simply put, the lyrical theme in pretty much all the songs is criticism tinted with black humor towards the downsides of modern society. Loneliness, greed, narcissism, self-righteousness, ignorance, twisted beauty ideals… You name it. This society needs an enema! The reaction I’m hoping for a listener to have while reading the lyrics is to stop at some point and think “surely he ain’t talking about me, is he?”.

Matti: The music was inspired by the desire to make relatively simple riffs sound powerful, while disregarding the rules on what you should or shouldn’t do.

Are there any live dates coming?

Tuomo: We’ll be going to Diessen am Ammersee, Germany at the end of the month (January) to play one gig there. There are plans for gigs in Finland, but nothing confirmed so far.

Matti: This year our calendar will be probably a bit emptier than last year, as we want to concentrate on writing new songs. But of course, interesting opportunities that serve the band’s future will be always considered.

What’s next for “Khiral” ?

Matti: Currently we’re writing some new material, first time with this lineup. There wasn’t too much time for that last year, and we actually had to take some time off in the end of the year for family and other personal reasons. Whatever feels good, we’ll do exactly that. As long as we all have steady day jobs, this is still going to be more of a passion than a career. Being a full-time musician is a distant dream for guys like us, so I guess we’ll be having our feet firmly on the ground and trying to reach more audience to be able to play bigger gigs.

Jouni: Now that the old songs are finally out of the oven, I’m really looking forward to making new songs together. And to be able to concentrate on the sound of the band as it is today. Ideas are flying from behind the drumset as well as from Tuomo, so we’re living some very interesting times here!

Thanks for your time!Send a message to our readers!

Tuomo: Thank you very much! Horns up, people!

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