Eva Plays Dead : “Releasing this single is a celebration!”

by MetalRevolt on December 7, 2016
“Eva Plays Dead” are about to release their new single “Bones” and we were really happy to have a nice chat with them! Enjoy:
Hello thanks for your time! How are you?
Good thanks! We’re really busy amidst the run up to the release of our new single BONES at the moment whilst writing new material for our next visit to the studio – exhausting but fun!
What music or other influences first inspired “Eva Plays Dead” to get started?
It would be tough to pinpoint what inspired us to start the band but it certainly wasn’t straight forward. We went through a fair few band members before we launched Eva Plays Dead before arriving on this current lineup!
Tell us a bit about the band’s history. What you have released till today?
We have been playing together since 2011 but decided to take things seriously when we launched Eva Plays Dead at the beginning of 2013. We put out an album called ‘Guilt Trips & Sins’ in the same year which we used as a springboard to book DIY tours, managed to claw our way on to some smaller festival slots and expand the EPD family. At the same time, we were writing and recording our EP ‘Sounds Of The Written Word’ which we feel is a record that demonstrates what we’re about – we finally released it in July 2015 and luckily it was well received and helped us by getting us on to bigger gigs, support slots and some decent attention from the press. We’re always working on something so since then, we have been touring as much as we can to introduce ourselves to new fans and somehow managed to find time to record our new single.
You are releasing your new single “Bones” , how do you feel about that?
Incredibly excited! We feel that BONES is the perfect example to summarise Eva Plays Dead as we were listening to so many different artists and bands during the writing process so it was really fun to draw on those new influences. We’ve had numerous amounts of setbacks since we recorded back in February – some which was down to general timing but the main one being when we had over £3,000 worth of our backline stolen from our van back in July, so finally releasing this single is a celebration.
How things worked out during the recording process? How much satisfied are you with the final result?
We’re very happy with the track as it sounds exactly like we had imagined – raw and full of energy. We recorded with Romesh Dodangoda at Longwave Studios in Cardiff so the process itself was completely different to what we had done before – we were in and out within a few days but the amount of creativity in the studio was insane. We sent the track to be mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios who did his thing and added the finishing touches to top it off! They were both great to work with.
Can you describe us the lyrical theme of your songs? What inspires your lyrics and music?
The lyrics to our songs are essentially an insight in to Tig’s diary. With ‘Bones’ for example, it is about the expectation that we place upon ourselves and others to always do the right thing, when in reality we don’t really have a rulebook to follow so anything we do can become questionable, so it’s about understanding that we are all just a bag of water and bones trying to figure out what exsactly our purpose is.
Are there any touring dates coming?
We don’t have any tours for the rest of 2016 but we are supporting Steven Battelle (ex-LostAlone) at The Venue, Derby on December 16th. We were huge fans of LostAlone and Derby is always good to us so we can’t wait!
Do you prefer touring or recording? 
Touring – live shows are where we do our thing the best. It’s impossible to release the energy we have in any other way. Alongside that, we’ve met so many incredible people, made friends for life and had some incredible life experiences since we’ve been on the road.
What’s next for your band?
Well we havent released a record since 2015 so we don’t want to wait much longer… we recorded more than just one single back in February and will be in the studio early next year so wait and see!

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Go and listen to our new single Bones – buy it, stream it or steal it!


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