Enzo And The Glory Ensemble – In The Name Of The Son

by MetalRevolt on December 6, 2017
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Enzo And The Glory Ensemble - In The Name Of The Son

December 6, 2017

Author: Peter Balanikas
Label:Rockshots Records
Release Date: 3 November 2017
Enzo Donnarumma official website: www.enzodonnarumma.com

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Enzo Donnarumma’s “ENZO and THE GLORY ENSEMBLE”  released through Rockshots Records the “In the Name of the Son” album. This release is the successor of “In The Name of The Father” within the framework of the “Sign of the Cross” collection.

Special attention must be paid to the participation and collaboration of the artist with the Weza Moza Gospel Choir from Congo! Many artists from different music “worlds” are also participating in the album. The collaboration of these artists creates the group “The Glory Ensemble”!

The Glory Ensemble:

Marty Friedman (Cacophony, Megadeth)

Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear)

Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land)

Mark Zonder (Fates Warning)

Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery)

Brian Ashland (Shadow Gallery)

Nicholas Leptos (Warlord)

Amulyn (Whisper from Heaven)

Derek (Whisper from Heaven)

Tina Gagliotta (Poemisia)

David Brown (Metatrone)

Alessandro Battini (Dark Horizon)

Giacomo Manfredi (S91)

Weza Moza Gospel Choir

Musically this project wanders in various musical sub-genres of metal and moreover ! You will experience a journey from prog, symphonic and classic metal to the most folk and ethnic music paths!

I am also really impressed of the amazing performances at the operetic moments of the album.

Going to the whole concept of the album, as many people have already realized, this project glorifies through its music the history of Christianity … Yes, I already hear many of you complaining…BUT … If somebody can overcome his prejudice against this particular topic, will only have to win cause the quality of the music and of the artists will amuse you!

The Bible has infinite material that could inspire artists to create original and quality music, and in this particular case … that’s what happened! I finish listening to the album, having in my mind outstanding images  but also being pleased by the musical variety that is generously offered through this project.

01 – Waiting for the Son (featuring Marty Friedman)

02 – The Tower of Babel (featuring Mark Zonder)
03 – Luke 1,28 (featuring Brian Ashland, Mark Zonder)
04 – Psalm 8 Feat. Alex Battini (Ghost City e Dark Horizon)
05 – Glory to God (Feat. Amulyn, Mark Zonder, backing vocals Kobi Farhi)
06 – Psalm 133 (feat. Kobi Farhi)
07 – Magnificat (Feat. Amulyn, Tina Gagliotta, Marty Friedman)
08 – Isaiah 53 Feat. Gary Wehrkamp.
09 – Matthew 11,25  Amulyn, Mark Zonder, Giacomo Manfredi, Alexein Megas.
10 – The Trial (Feat. Brian Ashland, Gary, Nicholas Leptos (Warlord), Amulyn, Derek Corzine, David Brown, Kobi Farhi.
11 – Eternal Rest (Feat. Marty Friedman, backing vocals Kobi Farhi and Enzo)
12 – Te Deum (feat. Ralf Scheepers Nicholas Leptos)
13 – If Not You (feat. Amulyn, Gary Werkhamp, Nicholas Leptos, Brian Ashland, Ralf Scheepers, Mark Zonder)
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