Corpsehammer on Metal Revolt: “Our lyrical inspiration comes from the Old serpent, darkness!”

by MetalRevolt on September 29, 2017

As Metal Revolt we always like to give new bands the chance to promote their work and express their message. Today we present to you our interview with the Swedish/Chilean black metal act Corpsehammer!

Hello thanks for your time! How are you? 

 Everything just fine, were already busy working on new Corpsehammer material!

What music or other influences first inspired “Corpsehammer” to get started? 

 Corpsehammer started as a homage to the early death and black metal scene we all like.  

The goal was (and still is) to keep it simple, effective and brutal with short and and violent songs.

You released your second work “Posesión” how do you feel about that? 

 It feels good to finally have the EP out. We are very satisfied with the result as we managed to get that dirty old feeling we were aiming for and also very pleased with the cooperation with Morbid Skull Records.
We also feel that “Posesión” is a bit more representative for what we try to achieve with Corpsehammer than “Sacrilegio” was, even if we still like that recording…

What we have to expect from the new EP? 

Total death, madness and pounding evil. Compared to our firt EP “Sacrilegio” the songs ar a bit faster and more intense. But it’s still the same extreme old filthy black death metal.

Can you describe us the lyrical theme of your new songs? What inspired your lyrics and music? 

The lyrical inspiration comes from the Old serpent, darkness. Death and it’s counterclockwise spinning in an inexorable macro-cosmic form. As there are rituals of the elements and celebrations of the times, a ritual for fire a ritual for blood a ritual for darkness and a greater ritual for death!
When it comes to the music we draw our influences from the extreme metal we grew up with and love, like said the South American scene, both the early and more recent bands and also the Australian scene are a huge influence for us. And first/second wave black metal and early death metal in general..

Are there live dates coming? 

We have nothing planned at the moment but we do intend to make live shows in the future.

What’s next for “Corpsehammer” ?

 We have written 4 new songs that we plan to record later this year. They are in the Corpsehammer vein, but with an even more old-school approach. Still extreme and violent metal madness…

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