Bloodride : Interview

by MetalRevolt on December 20, 2016

Hello thanks for your time! How are you?

Simo : Just fine, thank you. Waiting for Santa and his fuckin’ reindeers to suck our dicks.

Esa: very well thank give, spending some thrashing time!

What music or other influences first inspired Bloodride to get started?

Simo: Well I can only speak myself, since I’m the “new guy”, so… anyway: what got me into harder kind of rock I guess you’d have to blame bands like Motörhead, Deep Purple, later on early Metallica, Slayer and stuff like that.  Not to mention Matti & Teppo and goddamn Frederik!

Petteri: I think when we (I and Niko, the other founding member and now ex-member) heard this band from Sweden, The Haunted. It kinda set a new spark for the seasoned thrash listeners and diggers like us to start Bloodride. Being listening to bands like Testament, Slayer, Metallica, etc. I, myself was, and still being a big consumer of the good old heavy stuff from Judas Priest, Trust, Ac/dc and the likes pioneers.

Esa: In the eighties I listened all the old school thrash bands. There was Anthrax, Megadeath, Slayer, and so on…from Finland there was Stone, Airdash,…

You released your third album “Planet Alcatraz” how do you feel about that?

We did? Shit!  We’re pretty happy how it came about. Effortlessly and no punching each other in the face. There’s of course always the element of compromise when 5 dudes try to make themselves heard, but yeah, we seemed to be on the same wavelength all the way during this whole thing. Petteri: Yeah, it was at first like a jump into the abyss. Riffs were all over the place. But I guess we gathered a good bunch of material that we can be proud of.

E: Life goes on, time goes on, sometimes some music comes out. It’s quite long process to get album out with Bloodride. So maybe it’s a kind of working victory, but it feels like working so the feeling is like going to holiday. It’s not time for that, so now we are doing the best part of thrashing and it gigging.

How things worked out during the recording process? How much satisfied are you with the final result?

simo : I personally fear the record-button. The only thing that saves me is the possibility of endless re-takes when/if I fuck up something. That in mind + a few relaxing beers, and things seem to fall into place. Anyway, Petteri had laid down his drum tracks earlier on, so we just had to figure out what the hell was going on there. I think we nailed it ok. Petteri: Hehe, I can push the boys a bit further… Well, really, everybody´s got their own style playing and I didn´t polish the recordings too much. More like I was on the brink of polishing my drum tracks too far but got to stop myself. Just for the sake of sanity I suppressed the lurking perfectionist in me. There were already too many hours watching the drum tracks blinking on the computer screen… Drums were laid in a haste, me being alone recording them, so couple of takes and then next.

Esa (first question): We made thing quite like last time, so we know what to do. But of course there was lot of thing which took a little bit time like broken amplifier. Nearly all the songs was ready, but a few not so ready. So in the beginning drums had to make couple of times for some songs. After that it’s easy to do. And like allways we didn’t play the song enough, so maybe we play em now better on live sessions, hah.

Esa (second): Mysterious thing just happens like the final result of album, its always something which you can’t imagine because it’s made by artist. This time it’s much like it was when the first demo versions came out. So it’s nearly like it was in the beginning, but something changes always and sometimes it good like this time. But like I said earlier, now we play em much better so the final result would be now better if we could start from the beginning. Its the endless thing to thing about that. So I’m satisfied a lot.

Where was “Planet Alcatraz” recorded and how long did the album take to produce?

Simo:All the recordings took place at our rehearsing studio, so we didn’t need to worry about timetables, schedules or stuff like that. We went in when we felt like it. Or when our drummer Petteri, the rec-button-slavedriver told us to. The whole project took about… hell.. six months? I guess we could have rushed things a little bit. Petteri: I think it was actually fast to think that any band nowadays could spend forever in their `rehearsal room studios´ and aim for perfection. And publish some day in the future. If then.

Esa: recording took eight months and the producing took nearly two years.

Can you describe us the lyrical theme of your new songs? What inspired your lyrics and music?

Simo:It’s all there to be read I think. Go buy the album! Before it’s too late! Mankind is crawling towards it’s own grave because of greed, selfishness and hatred. Money talks and bullshit (other species, nature, justice etc.) walks. This planet has so much to loose that could be avoided with little effort, but what are we doing? Nothing, because Reality-tv keeps us being a herd of mindless lambs.

Petteri: ´nuff said. My perspective as a lyricist has always been in thinking in the side steps. Observing the world and finding that this isn´t the world I understand or like to be in. Meaning the backwards mentality and madness. Nice quote from Michael Ellner: `Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information and religions destroy spirituality´ . So there! Esa: e: harasshment, depression and suffering to be a live and meet all that.

So you announced some live dates. Tell us a bit more about your plans. Are there more lives coming?

Simo:We’ll do as much live-shit as we can, of course. Right now we have only St. Petersburg and Tallinn scheduled. You’ll find out news and stuff about us on, or Facebook.

Esa: E: Teemu is our manager and he makes it possible to us play and feel the good things about thrash music, uh!

Do you prefer touring or recording?

Simo: You have got to be kidding?!  😀

esa: There is the feeling for both. You can do one of those at a time but not both at a same time.

What’s next for Bloodride?

Simo: Let’s see how Planet A sinks in. We’d love to take that shit on the road.

Petteri: And on to the next!

Esa: It’s time for Thrashing madness!

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Be good, you bastards! See you at the gigs!

Petteri: We Know Who You Are!

Esa: thanks for you too! “Thrashing madness – UH!”

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