BLACK LIGHT on Metal Revolt: “We want to innovate our style”

by drmetal1996 on July 22, 2018


Black Light is a Metalcore band from Ferrara, Italy, formed in 2012. In the early times, their music gravitated from an Alternative Metal style toward a Thrash metal one, then, completely turned into Metalcore. They recently released their new single, “Map of Truth”, from the upcoming “Set Yourself Ablaze” EP.


Metal Revolt conducted an interview with Black Light so as to learn more about the band! Enjoy:


Metal Revolt: Hello guys, welcome to Metal Revolt webzine. How are you? A few weeks ago you released a new song called “Map of Truth”. Tell us a few words about it, such as his musical orientation, how long did it take you to record it, the artwork, etc.

Black Light: Of course! So, we released “Map Of Truth”, to give our audience a taste of our music’s evolution, as it’s the first track extracted from our forthcoming album “Set Yourself Ablaze”. And as in the rest of the EP, we wanted to go full-metalcore. It took nine days to record it, the guys from Golden Factory Studio did an amazing job and helped us with the sound thing as well, so we’re pretty happy about how the things went. And….what to say about the artwork? We wanted something that could fit the lyrics, a catchable concept that everybody could understand. This one just show something like “I’m dead inside, but I still wanna set the world on fire.” So we’re pretty satisfied about it.


Metal Revolt: What are its lyrics about?

Black Light: You know, that song got kind of bitching lyrics, it talks about how the “perfect world” illusion you get during childhood breaks up when you start understanding how reality is, and how your first reaction is rejecting everything about that. The “Map Of Truth” is every step you make to build your own point of view, and with that we talk about everything. Not only the social or political part of it, just the way you feel it and how this could change as you deal with it.


Metal Revolt: This song will be included in your next EP, right? Can you tell us a few details? When is it going to be released?

Black Light: Yes, it will. And the way it sounds could be found in quite every other song of the EP. We wanted the all work to be united, and to have a main core the audience could here from the first to the last song. “Set Yourself Ablaze” is probably gonna be released by the beginning of this year’s autumn. We still don’t know the day exactly, but we have kind of an idea.


Metal Revolt: What will the differences be between this EP and your debut album?

Black Light: Our first album “Storms and Shades” was already a metalcore one, but not only. We were kind of finding our own style in it. It features thrash metal- inspired songs, some others are more alternative metal-like….there is even a grunge piece and an acoustic ballad, so we could call it kinda various. The new EP is more focused on metalcore and more “united”. You can find a main sound that links every song into it.


Metal Revolt: What’s the feedback so far for “Map of Truth”?

Black Light: Way better than how we expected! People find some elements into it that we didn’t even hear when we made it, that we didn’t even think about. This is kind of weird, but it’s funny! And we appreciate every point of view someone could have about it. It means that people really care when they listen to it. This is something makes us grateful and proud.


Metal Revolt: Which bands are influenced you the most, so as to change your sound into metalcore?

Black Light: At first our main influence was Trivium, but we then wanted to innovate our sound, also cuz we started to listen more to stuff like Asking Alexandria, Architects and Miss May I. And we are keep listening to a lot of metalcore bands to put new elements into our music. The newest influence we got are bands like Division, Bad Omens, and I Prevail. We want our music to have kind of an evolution, so we care about working on this a lot.


Metal Revolt: What are your dreams and goals about the band?

Black Light: Our goals are realising what is our dream, and to work on music all the time is already a part of it, so we’re really grateful to the guys from Sliptrick Records for that. What we dream about is to reach a level which could give us the chance to live only by making music. it’s our passion, and we want it to become our profession.


Metal Revolt: What are your next plans?

Black Light: Playing live, of course! We’re working on finding some shows to build an audience in the baltic states. We live in Liepāja, Latvia, since december so we care about this. Other things we’re working on are new tracks. We’re writing new stuff down right now, and it’s even different from “Set Yourself Ablaze.” We want to innovate our style, and as the music scene is in constant evolution, we want to be like this as well.


Metal Revolt: Thank you for the interview. Please, close it with a message to your fans.

Black Light: Thankyou so much for sticking with us, listening to us. We would be nothing without you. Take a look at Metal Revolt Webzine, those guys are awesome, and the fact that they support new and growing artists is something we find honorable.


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