Beast In Black – Berserker

by drmetal1996 on November 14, 2017
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Beast In Black - Berserker

November 14, 2017

Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: November 3rd


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Beast In Black is a new band, formed by the former guitarist and basic composer of Battle Beast, Anton Kabanen, with the place of the singer being possessed by Yannis Papadopoulos, from the Greek power metallers Wardrum. Even before the release of their debut album, the band opened for Nightwish, after they invited them, while Nuclear Blast “grabbed” them almost immediately and released their debut album, called “Berserker”, on November 3rd.


Besides, how not to grab them? Without saying too many things, we may speak for an album which is strongly nominated for one of the best albums of the year. Do you think that it’s an exaggeration? Please, listen to it and I’m sure that you’ll change your mind. 10 songs, 10 unique compositions that they don’t have anything in common, but, on the other hand, they create an amazing atmosphere. 10 different songs, 10 songs for all the tastes, without any fillers.


’80s disco pop, symphonic metal, power metal, heavy metal. A compound of all these is what “Berserker” is made of. And this is very good. Anton once again proves that he is a huge artist and very clever composer, since he manages with an excellent way to combine his influences and two big loves, ’80s pop and heavy metal, adding his own elements and his characteristic guitar, creating a beautiful mixture of music.


On the other hand, Anton has a great advantage. He has Yannis Papadopoulos as a singer. Excellent interpretations, great vocal lines, amazing vocal abilities from our compatriot, who does whatever he wants to do with his voice and presents to us a very different self from the one that we ‘ve been used to and makes us get goosebumps either we listen to him on the dance song “Crazy, Mad, Insane”, either on the power metal track “Beast In Black”, either on the heavy metal song “Zodd the Immortal”, which reminds us some Judas Priest tunes.


For sure, this album has a lot of similarities with Battle Beast‘s music. This is natural, if you think that the basic composer on both bands is Anton . But it doesn’t really matter. The one that matters is that this album is already very successful and great artists and musicians like Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish and K.K. Downing (ex- Judas Priest) glorify “Berserker”, saying that it’s one of the best heavy metal albums. So, please, don’t make the mistake not to listen to it.


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