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Date of Interview : April 2016

I had the big honor to have a nice chat with Eszter Anna Baumann from Ann My Guard and learn what’s going on with the band.

Hello there! Thanks a lot for your time, very happy to speak with you! How are you?

Thanks, i’m fine! I’ve been busy writing and finishing my demo tracks for the studio, but I love these hard working weeks.

So, you completed your first EU/UK tour. Where did you go and how do you feel about it?

Yeap, we were touring in Europe for the first time in October and November. We played 18 shows in Spain, Italy, Hungary and in the UK. Needless to say, those were the best days of my life. I was afraid at first, because I hadn’t been on such a long tour like this, but it ended extremely well. Besides meeting new fans, I also learned a lot on these trips as the main organizer. We also had amazing bands as supporting acts: Dystopia from Hungary and Sweet Exile from the UK. We became little families, seriously. Touring is always the best!

I listened your song which is dedicated to Akira Yamaoka, “Promise” , how and why did you did that?

Firstly, I am a Silent Hill fan, secondly, I always wanted to pay a tribute to one of Yamaoka’ songs. I’ve always thought if Ann my Guard is ever going to make a cover song that will be for a special one. Therefore I wanted to record Promise(reprise) before the tour, so the band came out with it last summer. The fact that new listeners found us through this song is also a great honor, but when Akira Yamaoka himself posted it with saying “that’s great Ann, thank you”, my heart literally stopped. I couldn’t believe it!

So, the band began the recording process for the new album? How things are going?

As I mentioned we are in the finishing process of recording demos. I want everything to be prepared for the studio. The band is going to work with Gábor Vári again, who produced our first record, Innocence Descent. Personally, I get very nervous before the studio, and also, I am a maximalist in a sense. But because I worked with Gábor and I trust in his professionalism, I can totally rely on him during the recording sessions, which is amazing. We have that special musical chemistry between us, and I’d say it is very, very rare between the band and the producer. Fortunately, we have that.

What should we expect from this new album?

It’s going to be more mature, complex, definite and also a little bit darker than the first record. I wrote out the darkest melodies, which are really powerful at the same time. However, as by Innocent Descent, the second album also has a metaphorical interpretation. And because I admire the ancient Greek mythos, I used it as a source for the lyrics. Words cannot describe how beautiful those stories are… and the aim of my music is to elevate the listeners and not to get them down. When somebody would listen to the new album, I want him or her to say: “wow, how can a female metal musician detach me from my everyday life like this?”

Will we have the chance to see new things like video clips , singles etc?

Hopefully, the studio work will be finished in May. In the beginning of June, we are shooting a new music video for the first single with Viktor Nagy (Mihaszna film). We worked together once: he made our music video called Preparation. He is a genius and you can expect another great work from him.  Briefly, I think you will have the album and the music video finished by July/August.

Are there any plans for more touring when you finish with the recording process?

Yes, other touring plans are around the corner: we are going to tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the end of August. Never been touring there, so we are excited. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you further plans for the fall, but I must admit that I really want to go back to the UK this year, and also play in Scandinavia, too.

Any plans for coming to Greece?

As I said, because I am in love with Greece I really want to go there and meet you. Although it is very risky to travel by a full tourbus nowadays through your border, right? It’s unbelievable…

We are living some crazy times here in Europe with the economic crisis and  the refugee crisis. Did all this things affected you as persons?

Well… I don’t think there is one correct answer for this. It is very hard and sad at the same time. I hope that this problem will be solved soon and the leadership will agree uniformly without any personal selfishness. I want to live in that Europe I was born to without fearing of anybody, of any religion and poverty. Both Hungary and Greece are considered as little countries with such a weak voice that no one can hear. But we have to stand for ourselves and our people’s needs too.

That’s all for now! Thanks a lot for this interview…Send a message to the world!

Even if you find this world disillusioned these times, just look up to the starry sky. What you’ll find is you, standing in the center of the universe. Your problems, dark thoughts will disappear as soon as you realize your importance. I hope that my new songs will help you in this too.

Of course as a Greek I must invite you to spend your holidays here with your beloved ones!

I will spend a week in Zakynthos in July! I am really looking forward to visit this paradise and to rest up after the hard work. I am sure that it will empower me.

Eszter Anna Baumann
Ann my Guard (HU)


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