5 Star Grave On Metal Revolt : “Have some fun before it’s too late, goddammit!”

by MetalRevolt on October 5, 2017
The new 5 Star Grave album, The Red Room, delivers 10 extremely catchy horror metal tracks. The album features by a wide range of vocals containing both sharp and aggressive passages mixed with more atmospheric and eerie moments. All in all, The Red Room provides a compelling combination of heavy metal, hard rock, horror punk and hardcore.

What is the story behind the band’s name? How did you came up with it?

We wanted something both horror-inspired and lighthearted… I mean, finding a decent name for a band is a hell of a job, it’s the worst thing ever! We had a list with something like a hundred names on it, everybody voted their favs and 5 Star Grave was the one who got more votes. I think it represents us perfectly, it sets the record straight right from the beginning ever before listening to our music.

What music or other influences first inspired “5 Star Grave“ to get started?

We’ve been listening to heavy metal and hard rock since we were kids, so I’d say bands like Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, WASP, Megadeth, Slayer, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Billy Idol, The Misfits and so on.. .You name it, all the bands from the 80s had a huge impact on us for sure. Then we embraced more modern bands as well like Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Wednesday 13, Ghost etc… As listeners we’re a big melting pot of so many different influences coz we listen to almost anything out there.

You released your new album, “The Red Room”! How do you feel about it?

We feel really great about it. This is the most focused record we released to date, it’s like the record we always wanted to do but lacked the right mindset to achieve it properly. I think it truly represents us perfectly and captures exactly what this band is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I like our previous records a lot, but this is THE 5 Star Grave album. I’ll give you an example… There’s a song on this album entitled “Eat You Alive”, this is the song I’ve always wanted to do since the beginning of the band and when I finally listened to the recorded track I thought “Yeah, we finally got it”… So, yeah I like this record a lot. I also like the way my voice and Andrea’s one finally work as one, back in the days we were really worlds apart, but now in some parts we almost sound the same and it really comes natural to build better vocal harmonies this way.

Where was the album recorded ? Are you satisfied with the final result?

The record has been produced, mixed and mastered by NeroArgento at AExeron Studio . I absolutely like his way of working, he’s a brilliant producer and improved some of our songs a lot, providing great ideas for better melodies and arrangements when necessary and this is something that truly helps when you’re in the studio recording tracks you already got used to.

Your performance and your music is influenced a lot from “horror” . Are horror movies and scary stories your main influence? How you came up with this idea?

Quite, I mean, I’ve always wanted to keep this band funny and entertaining even if we deal about a lot of gruesome stuff… It’s like 80s horror movies, they were scary but funny, there’s already enough shit in every day’s life to also brag about it in your songs, we want people to take a break from their lives and enjoy some gruesome entertainment when they listen to our music, just like going to the movies and watching a good horror movie, nothing more and nothing less… We’ll never preach or tell you how to live your fucking life, we just want you to have a good time when you listen to us.

What’s your favorite horror movies?

Nowadays horror movies suck big time, it’s all torture-shit and stuff like that, they’re boring as fuck… Where’s the entertainment in watching people being mutilated 24/7 without a decent story behind it? I also hate all the “jump-scare” movies out there, they look exactly the same and are so goddamn boring. So, guess what, my fav horror movies are still the ones from the 80s… Evil Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Hellraiser, The Exorcist, The Dark Half, The Lost Boys, At The Mouth Of Madness, Fright Night and so on… Name a horror movie from the 80s and I’ll probably love it. And fuck all these stupid remakes and reboots as well, they look like shit.

Do you prefer touring or recording?

None of them really ahah… I like creating new songs, the excitement when somebody has an idea out of nothing and it shapes up and turns into a song, that’s the cool part of being in a band… Recording is actually a boring process (not as nearly boring as rehearsing anyway) , I’ve been doing it for years now so the less I stay in the studio and the better I feel… Playing gigs is quite funny, I do really like doing gigs and playing live, but I don’t like all the waiting around it and it’s too expensive to tour nowadays as well. I’m not a supporter of the “pay to play” concept at all and if I have to spend my money I prefer to do it for something worth it, like buying myself a new car.

What’s next for “5 Star Grave”?

We just released a brand new video for the song “Eat You Alive” and we’re planning to release another one maybe in a couple of months, we’re mainly focusing on promoting the album the best way possible and bringing our music to all the people that don’t know us yet.

Any live dates that you can announce?

Some local gigs to wipe the dust from our old bones then if the conditions are interesting we’ll consider some touring options… But hey, I’m gonna be brutally honest with you about it, it’s gotta be worth it, otherwise we’ll just start writing some new stuff again. Luckily enough we don’t need to tour for a living so we just do what feels right for us and makes everyone in the band happy.

Thank you for your time, our best wishes! Send a message to the readers!

Thank you so much for the interview and to your readers that wasted some of their precious time reading my blathering,  ahah,  I tricked you again!  I would also like to invite them to check our web presence at the usual places and tell us what they think about the new stuff, if they’re compliments I’ll keep it, otherwise I’ll delete it as usual! Thnx again and keep in mind that life’s short, so have some fun before it’s too late, goddamit!

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