Христофоръ (Batushka) : Interview

by MetalRevolt on December 5, 2016

Date Of Interview : September 2016

Batushka are for sure a great band/ project , even if they have released only one album so far. Their appearance, their music, their “blasphemy” and their atmophere are unique!  So, it’s a great pleasure for us to have Xristoforos (Христофоръ) on our site. Let’s see what he says

Hey guys, how are you?

Христофоръ – I am fine, thank you. And you?

How it’s going with the band so far?

Христофоръ -I prefer to use word “project” to describe Batushka. We got a lot of concerts proposals, so we try to play in places where people want to hear us.

Your first album was released a few months ago and I have to say that it has impressed me a lot with all these atmospheres. I find it great and so the rest of the fans I think. How do you feel his success so far?

Христофоръ – Thank you. Frankly, I do not feel success. I live like I lived before the “Litourgiya”, nothing has become very different in my life. I do not follow other people’s opinions but I can’t cut off from them so I know there was so many positive reviews in internet. It satisfies me to see that same sort of response from the media, from the fans.

Have you ever thought that this album would become so popular so fast, through the metal community?

Христофоръ – No, I’m still amazed.

When did the band start?

Христофоръ – I recorded most guitar, bass and drums track of the album in March & early April 2015 and i can say it was the beginning of that project. I started semi regular band rehearsal with session musicians in January 2016.

I think your name means in Cyrillic “father”, as address to a priest, right? Why did you decide to use that name?

Христофоръ – Both meaning you mentioned was the reason I choose that name. That name fits music very much, is simple and not fit to black metal.

Your lyric themes are mostly about blasphemy and your album cover and name proves this. Is this an ideology or just a way to attract the metal heads?

Христофоръ – Some interpret as blasphemy, some don’t. Let them think what they want. I like their uncertainty of whether I can confirm their theory or I cannot. But whatever I do, I cannot be totally cut off from my ideology, I cannot be a hypocrite. I do not want to impose my thinking to others.

Do you think that all this blasphemy will cause you problems in your career? I mean a lot of bands face up lawsuits and fines because of this content.

Христофоръ – I don’t care.

Well, we don’t know anything about the band members. Only that you are members of well known bands. Will you ever reveal your identity?

Христофоръ – What for? I have no idea how could it be of any importance for the perception of music. Does it becomes more valuable when it is signed by well-known name?

Do you believe that this mystery with the unknown identities makes the band more popular?

Христофоръ – It wasn’t my goal, but yes, It could.

Why did you decide not to be disclosed?

Христофоръ – Our personalities still doesn’t matters and do not bring anything to the music of Batushka. It’s the best way to focus listener on the music.

Just a few months of the album’s release and many metalheads are saying this is one of the best black metal albums and maybe the best album of the year. What’s your opinion?

Христофоръ – It’s nice to hear, but I don’t have opinion about this because I’m quite critical to my work.

You ‘ve got a lot of live shows coming up and many festivals I think. What do the fans have to expect on your shows?

Христофоръ – Music from the album “Litourgiya”. I care a lot about that our performance has become another matching element of consistent, creative whole.

Do you plan to release any other albums with the band or is just a project and you are not sure about when and if there will be another album?

Христофоръ – I would say that this second option would be more accurate. I work with sound every day and I have a lot of different musical projects. I am one of those people that do not like just talking about all the things that I will do in the future. So I do not want to tell whether nor when will I be creating a Batushka new album. Maybe I already did.

Thank you very much for your time. See you in Thessaloniki / Athens . The last words are yours.

Христофоръ – It is not right time to say last words. Thank you.

*The foto was taken from this link.*

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